Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Shills miracle lift face serum

Shills miracle lift face serum

1 for $26
Supply rate : Cappings @ 10 (1 for $24)
NM : $1.50
RM : $3.50
Meet ups at clementi/Jurong East MRT

This is the new facial contours sculpting serum with 3D face-lifting and fibre repositioning technology. An innovation of science and technology developed especially for modern women. With this, you can now solve your sagging facia skinl issues to get the slim and defined face that you always wanted.
Stimulating the skin natural  ability to produce collagen, the enriched elastin formula also prevents damage from the environment which is the main factor for skin ageing. Thus, it shall also reduce the rate of aging. The silky texture of the serum provides smooth comfort to the skin while it locks layers of anti-aging ingredients and provides long lasting moisture. Improvement on skin fine lines will be immediately visible.  
The serum is also formulated with seaweed extract that wouldhelp to remove loose skin, commonly caused by weight gain and stretch marks. Its easily absorbed cream texture is also rich with minerals and herbal Butcher's broom extract to helpin ski repair and rejuvenation. It also contains essential oil that nourishes and tighten skin and Ivy extract tht would effectively reduce swelling and thickening of skin.
Capacity: 30 ml

Key Ingredients:
Caffeine, Aescin saponin, Ivy extract, Pine bark extract, Jojoba oil, Butcher's broom extract, Seaweed extract.

Apply serum evenly to face & neck after face wash & toner and massage until fully absorbed.
Use twice(morning & night) daily. Follow the massage technique as shown in picture below.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Shills BB beauty leg cream

Whitening and shaping for the leg

1 for $23
Supply rate : Cappings @ 10 (1 for $21)
NM : $1.50
RM : $3.50
Meet ups at clementi/Jurong East MRT

This product is good to use!

Shills leg whitening sculpting essence

Whitening essence~

1 for $28
Supplying rate : Cappings @ $10 (1 for $26)
NM : $1.50
RM : $3.50
Meet ups at clementi/Jurong East MRT

This product helps to whiten your leg and also make it slimmer!!!
Do try it and its cheap now!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Anosa Sliming patches


1 piece $2.50
1 box of 8 for $20.
2 boxes for $38
Supply rates : cappings at 10. 1 box for $18
NM : $1.50
RM : $3.50
Meet ups at clementi/Jurong East MRT

Slimming patches!
Really cool and it works!!!
Look at the picture the size of 1 patch is 10 x 14 cm which is big enough for you to use a few time!!!
This is really worth it as you will see results~
 Instructions below.

SHILLS Miracle lift body contour control

1 for $35
Supply rate : cappings at 10. 1 for $33
Includes shipping fees and all other charges!
NM : $1.50
RM : $3.50
Meet ups at clementi/Jurong East MRT

It works with great effect as there are many many reviews by real life people!
I believed that it worked and i am currently using it and i see results!!!
Products are from the company itself!




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